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Whatever your intent for performing public records check: as a prelude to employment, actually looking for prospective employees, or simply just wanting to protect you or someone you love’s identity, doing so has never been easier. Since the advent and maturation of the Internet, doing public research on individuals is no longer the cat and mouse game it once was.

However it is important that you know where to check public records, as you can find tons’ of places online that offer similar services, but many of them, at the end, won’t provide the information that you need and will probably waste your time and money.

At, we are committed to help people find the best providers for public records according with their needs.

If are new to this process and you want to learn more about searching public records, here are some of the most common FAQs to help you achieve the results that you’re looking for:

 Common Public Records FAQs

What Type Of Information Can Be Found In Public Records?
Why People Uses Public Records?
Could I Legally Search Any Type Of Information About Anyone?
Could I Access To Public Records For Free?
What Should I Know Before Beginning Searching for Public Records?
What’s The Best Way For Searching Public Records?
What are Other Good Methods For Searching Public Records?


What Type Of Information Can Be Found In Public Records?

Public records offer much more information that you may need.  When it comes to properties, you can check the title or deed to a property, property assessments as well as sales in the area.  When searching about people you can check on both divorce and marriage records, possible criminal records and even peoples voters registration numbers in precinct order.

Why People
Uses Public Records?

 People have many reasons for doing a search of public records.  These searches can range from needing searches done on a regular basis to a one time search for personal reasons.  Employers will use this service to check public records of possible employees where as on a personal note you may want to check on the death of a long lost loved one by their social security number.  You may have a public search done on you if you are applying for residence in a rental property by the apartment manager or landlord.

If you own your own business or you are thinking of hiring on someone to do work for you around your home, you will want to get familiar with checking public records.  Parents are especially weary when it comes to hiring someone to care for their children or an ill parent so they will need to check public records to be sure the person is who they say they are and that they can be trusted.  You want to see if a person has any type of criminal background before you hire them and allow them to come into your home.  Take the same precautions for your business as you do with your home.  You do not want to hire an employee who has a public record that shows that they have embezzled money from a previous employer.  You will want your employees to do a good job and be trust worthy, knowing that they will not bring criminal behavior to the work place.  Your business is your source of income and you do not want to ruin that.

If you are thinking about meeting someone from the Internet then you should check public records to see that you are actually meeting who they claim to be and not someone who is just out to harm you.  It is our nature to trust people and we want the people around us to be trust worthy but you won’t know if they are unless you check to be sure.  It can be dangerous to meet someone that you do not know personally.  Public divorce records can also show you if a person is telling the truth about their past when it comes to new relationships.

Could I
Legally Search Any Type Of Information About Anyone?

Looking up public information on individuals is legal… up to a point. The limit of what is public and what is not is drawn with regard to medical records and other types of specific legal information (i.e., legal testimony and affidavits).


Could I Access
To Public Records For Free? If Not, How Much Would It Cost?

The types of information that are free to almost anyone searching are general public records. A few examples of free, and legal, public information are: mortgage transactions, marriage records, certain criminal records, and even court orders.

The cost involved with finding public information on individuals varies with regard to what type of information you need and where you have to go to get it. A few clicks of a computer mouse can yield the most basic of facts assuming you have the correct spelling of a person’s name. This information, of course, is free. In order to find more detailed information, however, small to medium-sized fees are usually attached.

There are some sites that will want you to subscribe to their service where others simply will charge you by each search you do.  You can also find some sites that will offer you a free trial period.  The type of service you go with will depend on what public records you need and how fast you need them. 

Be cautious of the first few sites that pop up when you do a free search online for public records.  Many of these sites offer free searches but then they want you to pay to see the results that they find for you.  Be sure to check out the site for being authentic before you agree to do work with them.  You want to be sure that they really have access to the records that you want or need, then check out what their fee scale is, if there are any.

What Should
I Know Before Beginning Searching for Public Records?

What you should know before beginning any search is what type of information you need, and have at least the most basic information of the person that you want to investigate, because otherwise, you will have to invest more time and access to more databases in order to get a complete report, and it will end up costing you much more.

Knowing the name, last name, age, date of birth and race of the individual, should be enough to get the information that you need at a reasonable cost and without having to spend hours searching.  

The Best Way For Searching Public Records?

In essence, there are three primary means of gaining access to public information: search local, state, and government agencies; consulting or hiring an independent researcher; or doing the work yourself online via various search capabilities. Let’s take a quick look at all three.

Searching various governmental agencies for public information is one of the most effective. It is also, however, probably the most time-consuming, patience-draining, and expensive routes to travel. In general, all government factions are not coordinated to work with each other. So if you want to search a number of states and/or municipalities, there are fees typically associated with each.

Hiring an outside individual or firm to do the research for you is by far the most convenient. It is also the most expensive. This just makes logical economic sense: people get paid to do a job. It just so happens that the job in hand is doing public research regarding a person.

Finally, the last way to perform public records research is by doing the work yourself via the Internet. As with the other two methods, there are usually costs involved. But as long as you know what public databases you want to focus on, the process is more often than not, a LOT less expensive; and fun too.

As you can see, doing a public records check via the Internet is quickly becoming the method of choice for anyone, or organization, desiring public information regarding current or future employees, or simply wishing to know more about a person in the now or hoping to find someone from your past.

Whatever the reason, the tools of mining this information before the Internet are now relegated to history. With just a small amount of investment, or none at all, you can do a public information check on just about anyone and we are here to guide you in this process so don’t worry you are just a few click from finding what you need.



What are Other Good Methods For Searching Public Records?

If you find that you are getting nowhere with online search in both county and state then you may need to do the searching on your own.  This means that you will need to go to the county or state office and manually search public records you need.  Many people overlook such easy ways to look for public records such as Google.  This is one of the most popular search engines and it allows you to create a news alert which will help you to keep track of any particular subject that goes on the Internet.  

The Federal government has their own search engine called  It serves as a large portal for giving access to any information that can be searched through the state governments, the federal government and governments that are local to you.   This US database is home to all agencies that offer public records.  It can be time consuming and tedious but you can get a great deal of information this way when you search public records.

The US Census Bureau 2010 Statistical Abstract is another huge database of census data. It has a huge cache of statistics and can guide you to other sources of information in print and on the internet. The website is home to the US Census Bureau 2010 Statistical Abstract database for the US census data.  This site can help get you to the sites you need or show you where to get printed information.

These sites are all optimal sources as they can be used free of charge.  The only downfall is that the whole process is time consuming to get the information you need.

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